Thursday, 23 December 2010

Our Unique Hand Carved Buddha Statues - SALE NOW ON

These hand carved rain tree wood Thai Buddhas are naturalistically hewn and shaped to have an earthy, heavy, organic rustic feel. Made exclusively for the Buddha's Face by our family of Northern Thailand Buddhist artists they have proved hugely popular for a Western audience. The Buddha form and shape are perfectly imagined from the piece of impressive, sustainably forested, asian hardwood. Their naturalness and hard wood construction make them ideal for use not only in the home but also the garden - where untreated they will gradually weather with the seasons and mature into a seamless component of your outdoor space and a central feature that leads the eye towards the calming and serene features of the Buddha statue.

If you so wish you can occasionally polish the Buddha with teak oil or any other suitable outdoor wood treatment suitable for use in the garden and the resultant finish will take on a deeper,darker 'polished' hue and and prove to be a stunning highlighted feature in any garden setting.

Please note owing to the unique hand-made nature of each carving your Buddha statue may differ slightly from the one illustrated - but rest assured each piece will delight and reward its owner time and time again for countless years to come. Customers tell us that their Buddha wall art and statues become not just an integral part of their home decor but a spiritual centrepiece , a calming , serene object of quiet contemplation - part of a Karma home

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