Friday, 25 March 2011

Buddhist Hip Hop Artist - A Cultivator

It's been a little while since I last blogged as I'm busy setting up a new business Low Cost Business Videos and a Low Cost Business Videos Blog and putting into practice what I have learnt whilst helping my mate Den build the Buddha's Face website. He recently sent me an email from a Buddhist Hip Hop artist called the A Cultivator. He is using his music and lyrics to help spread Buddhism in America and through the web to the world. Apparently he is a Raiders fan (being a Brit I don't quite get the importance but its probably like being a Man Utd Fan! -never mind we all have our crosses to bear - we ourselves must walk the path). Just listening to his track It's Not Easy and he is rather good -actually very good.

Respect to the A Cultivator from the Buddha's Face - long may his Buddhist raps reach out and move people's hearts and minds. In fact he's so good I'm listening again.

The Buddha's Face

Saturday, 5 March 2011

30% Off Sale - ALL Buddha Wall Art - Trade Prices

Yes it's true - are prices were very affordable to begin with and the quality of our pieces has never been in doubt so there's never been a better time to buy from the Buddha's Face.But them now once they're gone they're gone.

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Last Words of the Buddha -Wordle

Just over 2,500 years ago when the Buddha lay dying surrounded by his closest monks his last words were a call to action to his followers to remember and spread his message and it wasn't him that needed to be worshipped.There are no answers except the ones that you learn for yourselves but there are a few rules which if you follow you will have a better and more insightful life. Have a nice day.

“Do not say we have no master now. The message I have preached will be your master when I have gone. Listen, I beseech you: ALL CREATIONS ARE IMPERMANENT; work tirelessly for your liberation.”

Our 250th Buddha Face Blog Post - Numbers don't matter !

I never would have thought when I launched this blog over 18 months ago I would ever see 250 posts - but as the Buddha said a jug fills drop by drop and we are beginning to fill.

Can I just share a few statistics ;

The Buddha's Face website now gets over 3500 visitors every month.
Our videos on the Buddha's Face You Tube channel have had over 90,000 views.
Our Blog has has nearly 25,000 views
Our Twitter channel over 500 tweets and over 200 followers
200 Meg of photos in our Picasa Web album and over 40,000 views

A big thank you for all your visits and kind comments and to all our wonderful customers who have made the Buddha's face website - the best site on the web for authentic Buddha wall art for your home and garden.

New Flickr Buddha's Face Album Launched

You may be familiar with our Buddha's Face Picasa web account and I've now added the popular Yahoo version Flickr to bring your more Buddha photos from us and around the web. To celebrate this moment I've created a slide show with some of the best pictures from our blog over the last year. Gosh how time flies when you're deep in the illusion.

A jug fills drop by drop
The Buddha

The Buddha's Face

The Buddha and Jesus - Sermon on the Mount by Wordle

In one of my previous blog entries I used the brilliant word visualisation tool Wordle to bring to life visually the top 50 quotes from the Buddha and I though whilst I was in Wordle mode to have a look at one of the great speeches given by Jesus - the Sermon on the Mount - some historians have speculated that Jesus may have been influenced by the teachings of the Buddha particularly the one of universal love - I like to think so anyway.

So here it is Jesus meditating like the Buddha and the Sermon wordeled !

The Buddha's Face

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Water in Buddhist Garden Design

At the Buddha's Face we have written a lot about Buddhist garden design - but one area we haven't written much about is the use of water in Buddhist garden design. A water feature or pond can be a stunning centerpiece of any garden and by including a Buddha statue can become a focal point and an aid to a serene and contemplative refection. Alongside the aesthetic is the ability of water to attract wildlife , and a garden's most useful friend the terminator of insects - the frog. In a new article over on our Buddhism 101 project we discuss the use and features associated with water Buddha gardens.

Wordle - Top 50 Buddha Quotes

At the Buddha’s face we love Wordle cloud pictures. This nifty website allows you to visualise words and represent them as a picture. I though it would be interesting to put the Buddha’s Top 50 quotes into the programme to see what it produced.

A jug fills drop by drop

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Best Ever 3D Buddha Stereogramme

At the Buddha's Face we love these 3D Buddha Stereogrammes. So we have scoured the furthest corners of the internet to bring you this 3D picture of a sitting meditating Buddha. You will need to stare intently at it for a while but hopefully in a moment the image will leap out of the screen at you. Om !

Our Best Ever Selection at the Buddha's Face

At the Buddha’s Face we are proud to continue our best ever selection of authentic Buddha wall art, hangings, Buddha statues and spiritual gifts.

We have just sourced a new supplier of stone cast garden Buddha statues and decorative spiritual art which we firmly believe are our best yet.

So with free UK delivery there’s never been a better time to buy from the Buddha’s Face and with Easter fast approaching gardeners take note – buy a statue at these prices and weather it ready for the spring and summer.

You can read more about weathering Buddha statues and general Buddhist garden principles in a dedicated part of the Buddha’s Face website.