Friday, 14 January 2011

Ageing Stone Buddha Statues for the Garden

Weathered Buddha Head covered with moss

Many Buddha statues are today made from stone , cement or concrete and are designed to be displayed to best effects outdoors often in gardens. The Buddha's face has written comprehensively on this subject before such as The Use of Buddhas in Garden Design as well as other articles. One subject we haven't touched on before though is how to age the statues so they fit into and blend naturally into your garden landscape. Cement and concrete in particular can look quite harsh when it is freshly made and at odds with the natural order you are trying to create.

That is where the us of natural (un-preserved ) yogurt can be most useful in accelerating the process of 'naturalisation. It is important to use unpreserved as the sue of preservative chemicals in the more processed varieties will effectively act as a poison and prevent quick and luxuriant growth.

Another tip if it is a Buddha head say which you want to weather and age is to immerse it in a garden pond for a week or so. The porous material will soak up water rand algae present in the pond water and once removed from the pond will take on a aged natural hue.

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  1. Bhudda statues have such a peaceful vibe! I saw a stone one in the mall the other day and am seriously considering buying one for my garden. I appreciate the statue tips!