Sunday, 22 November 2009

Buddha in Gardens

Statues and images of the Buddha have been placed in the grounds of temples and gardens since ancient times and gardening has strong associations with Buddhism:

It is believed that;

The Soil of the garden represents the fertile ground of Buddha's Mind.

A Sangha (Pali for Buddhist community) is the same as community of plants in the garden.

Dhamma (teachings of the Buddha) is the expression of wisdom that is in the Temple - Garden.

If a garden can be regarded as a mind then:

  • Garden paths represent the ways to enlightenment.
  • The soil represents the state of our own internal Karma.
  • Planting of the garden represents fertile and blossoming ideas.
  • The changing seasons of the garden represent of the changing moods of the mind.

Eastern tradition also suggests that the Buddha should not face south when placed in the garden, as this is associated with Yama, a Hindu god and judge of the dead. North is the preferred direction.

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