Saturday, 7 November 2009

Choosing Your Buddha’s Face for Your Home and Garden

People usually take great care in choosing a Buddha image for themselves as it is more than just a decorative ornament.

The face, whatever its specific features or country of origin, is not just meant to be a human face or even a male face - it is to express deep wisdom and compassion. This means the artists need to experience those qualities within themselves and have a sense of the mystery of existence while they are producing them. Otherwise the results will be poor - consequently they are they are relatively few really moving images of the Buddha to be found but when you see one such as we carefully select for the Buddha’s Face - you will know whether it works for you.

It can be a very powerful experience reflecting upon such an object; it can be like reflecting upon your own mind and may result in bringing out the wisdom and compassion that is already within your own being.

We source all our wall hangings, statues and artefacts directly from rural Thailand where they are hand carved by families with generations of skill and talent. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards of Fair Trade.

Often in Thai houses, there will be a room reserved for the Buddhist altar. Here there will be various manifestations of the Buddha such as Buddha statues and Buddhist amulets. You never ‘buy’ a Buddha as such – just ‘rent’ it for your duration of your life.

These religious Buddha’s come with documents that states "Wherever you go, think about this Buddha statue and you will be safe".

Ands that’s why we say that The Buddha's Face – is more than just an image …..

The Buddha's Face - Asian Wall Art and Statues for Your Home and Garden

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