Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Choosing a Buddha for your Garden

Before you choosing a Buddha for your garden, courtyard or patio, you will need to consider the type of statue that best suits your own personal philosophy.

There is nothing to compare with the dramatic effect a massive Buddha garden statue or wall piece and brings a highly impressive sight line to the end of a garden.

Buddha wall hangings and statues make an ideal garden feature in a secluded patio or garden area particularly opposite a seat or an area or rest where you can contemplate the serene image in a natural environment and where it will enhance its natural beauty and charm.

If you want your carved wooden Buddha wall hanging or wooden Buddha statue to remain in perfect condition then only put it indoors. If they are used outdoors their condition will age and weather over time as they have not been treated to protect against the outdoor elements. However, untreated Rain tree wood will last for many years in the open and is easy to treat with simple wood preservatives to ensure a long and decorative life.

You should place your statue where you have a clear line of sight of the Buddha image, some of our customers use these to clear and focus their mind and as an aid to meditation or yoga exercises, and so you should situate the statue by a place where you can easily relax

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