Sunday, 11 July 2010

The White Buddha Statue - My First Buddha

The very first Buddha statue I ever bought was when I was at college over 30 years ago which I bought as a birthday present for my dear mother now sadly departed.It wasn't in the scheme of things anything special being a hollow ceramic Buddha statue I think bought from some then equivalent of Clinton Cards.That said it has a very pleasing appearance with closed yes as he sits meditating in the Lotus position.After my mother died in 1994 I took the Buddha back and it has pride of place high above my computer in the lounge flanked by two golden brass Thai Buddhas. We never really own a Buddha statue just rent them from one generation to the next - so for this reason whatever other Buddha images and statues I acquire for the remainder of my life this will always be the most meaningful and most precious to me .

In memory of my mother Edna Bunker I dedicate my latest Buddha Face You Tube channel video - White Buddhas. I hope you are inspired by the fine collection of some of the world's most beautiful white Buddha statues accompanied by a haunting elegiac soundtrack the Tower by Lisa Gerrard.

"The presence always of Mara,the Lord of Death - do you understand that ? Even the rich man when he is laid low ,departs alone - do you understand that ?"
The Buddha

This is part of the Buddha's Face 101 Project

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