Friday, 17 September 2010

Buddhism 101 Project - Loads More Articles

Have been very busy over at the main merchant website The Buddha's Face adding a whole bunch of new content to the Buddhism 101 Project.

Here's a list of the articles please go and take a look and leave comments - we always welcome your feedback.

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Buddhism 101 Project New Articles

Questions about Buddhism

  • What is Theravada Buddhism?
  • Do Buddhists worship statues?
  • How can someone become a Buddhist?
  • What is the Transcendence of Suffering?
  • What do Buddhist think of themselves?
  • What is the Middle Way?
  • Unhelpful Questions
  • The Sun is Always Out
  • Two Sides of the same Coin

More Questions about Buddhism

  • Where do Buddhist Stand on Issues?
  • What is Samsara?
  • What is Nirvana?
  • What did the Buddha believe about Past and Future Lives?
  • How like the Buddha can you show Love for All Beings?

Even more Questions About Buddhism!

  • Introduction to Buddhism Video
  • What is Karma?

Parables of the Buddha and the Path to Enlightenment

  • The Parable of the Burning House
  • The Parable of the Father and his Prodigal Son

Thai Buddha Amulets

Thai Buddhist Monks Alms Bowls

Thai Buddhist Monks Ceremonial Fans

Thai Votive Tablets

Thai Buddhist Monk's Chairs

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