Sunday, 26 September 2010

Vietnam Lays Claims to the Largest Buddha Statue in SE Asia

More of the weird and wonderful world of Buddha statue records

This huge Buddha statue sits atop the peak of the Phat Tich Mountain in Bac Ninh Province was inaugurated on the evening of September 25th 2010.

The Buddha statue is 60 feet high, made of stone and weighs over 3,000 tonnes. The statue was 3 years in the making and all the work was done by hand no industrial explosives were used in preparing the site.

According to the Head of the nearby Buddhist temple that initiated the project, it is the largest stone Buddha statue in Southeast Asia. The Buddha statue is that of the Amitabha Buddha statue which is a national Vietnam icon and was made of stone during the Ly dynasty.

Nowadays, in addition to the stone Amitabha Buddha statue, the temple has also kept statues of sacred animals which remain from the Ly dynasty.

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