Thursday, 28 October 2010

New You Tube Channel - Beautiful Thailand and the Tsunami

I started to make videos way back in 2004 and did my first attempts using a product called ULEAD which I later replaced with Photodex.In those days I couldn't keep my hands off all the effects and transitions that the software allowed so am slightly embarrassed by them. I kept most of the videos on CDs and DVDs and the passage of time means they have preserved moments that I like to keep - so with that I'm mind and for when I produce videos which are about Thailand in general rather than the Buddha I upload them to The Beautiful Thailand You Tube Channel.

One of my favourite early works is the following - we holidayed in Northern Thailand for several days before deciding to end on a beach.I wanted to go to Phuket where I had been before but wife who had lived there for 5 years reminded me it was the rainy season so we spent our time on Ko Samed instead. Of course on the Boxing Day the dreadful news of what had happened started to filter through and friends and family anxiously tried to phone to check we were ok .The Tsunami had hit and lives were to change for ever. It was probably then when I started to seriously consider Buddhism as the path to follow as I observed the dignity and stoicism that the ordinary Thai people showed in the face of great adversity .

May all the souls of the departed rest in peace.

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