Friday, 8 October 2010

Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 2 Richard Gere

Why even have the Top 10 Famous Buddhists – as a Buddhist should it matter – we are all on our personal journey following the Buddha towards enlightenment and using his teachings and the Sangha to provide the framework. So the answer is obviously no – but we are where we are in an interconnected world which has never before experienced such connectedness with information and perception of reality – and ever since Charlie Chaplin reached out silently to a globe who laughed together then movie stars are the ultimate simple uniter and spreader of messages be they good or bad.

Right that said number 2 – is a much easier and less controversial choice than the previous Steven Seagal – and is Richard Gere – the heartthrob actor who leapt to fame with his elegant performance in American Gigolo (1980) – he followed that up with roles including An Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman and Chicago.

He was born in Philadelphia in 1949 and was voted the Sexiest Man Alive in 1999 and was briefly married to supermodel Cindy Crawford from 1991 to 1995. His interest in Buddhism began after a visit to Nepal in 1978. He is a passionate supporter of the Dalai Lama and like his other fellow actors in this Famous Buddhist series supports fiercely the cause of independance for Tibet.

"Everyone responds to kindness."

"Maybe the Dalai Lama is the only person who is totally honest, and even with him, he's skillful not to hurt anybody. He's skillful."

"My first encounter with Buddhist dharma would be in my early 20s. Like most young men, I was not particularly happy"

The Buddha's Face

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