Thursday, 7 October 2010

Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 7 George Lucas

George Lucas our No 7 in the Buddha’s Face Buddhism 101 Project Top 10 Famous Buddhists will always be known for his work on the Star War movies which he has made his life’s work. Debuting with Star Wars in 1977 and following on with a number of sequels and spin-offs it is regarded as being the most lucrative movie franchise of all time. Cartoon like and simple in its moral themes of good and evil they have moved and inspired millions of moviegoers around the world and will continue to do for decades to come. May the Force be with you !

Makes you wonder how the Buddha managed to get his message down to us today spanning a period of over 2500 years and in the first few decades after his death only to be carried by the oral repetition of the early monks !

The timeless problems of being human remain the same.

“I was raised Methodist. Now let's say I'm spiritual. It's Marin County. We're all Buddhists up here.”

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