Monday, 17 January 2011

The Best Lego Buddha Statues

Lego - the chosen play brick of childhood - infinitely creative - children (and big children) have for the last 50 years been making models using its uncannily pixellated form. Normally these are pirates,truckers,hospitals, zoos and the like so it is not surprising that this versatile toy would eventually be used to make Buddha statues. Here are three of the best - not quite sure it works in representing the serenity and wisdom and compassion of the Buddha - given its clunky appearance. But top marks for having a go !


  1. Buddha Statue in Lego, it's the most fascinating statue after i have seen Antique Buddha Statues. even the hand mudra are well portrayed.

  2. Someone please sell something like this on Etsy. I'm buying. Take my money.

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