Saturday, 15 January 2011

Yet More Buddhist Home Decor Tips

From paintings to architecture, religions have been a source of inspiration for the art world. And ancient Buddhist art has always been popular, especially now in homes of contemporary design. There's something very urban about ancient Buddhist art with the striking colour combination of Buddhist art as well as the simple lines and growing global interest in spirituality for its popularity among urban residents .

Buddhist Art as Home Decorations

Nowadays Buddhist artworks have evolved into popular decor accessories for contemporary interiors around the world. Contemporary Buddhist art these days is seen as more of a trendy, home decor item than as a religious symbol. In the design world today, Buddhist art is often viewed as a part of an ethnic, aesthetic feature. Incorporating such an aesthetic element to a contemporary design scheme has become increasingly popular among urban homeowners.

The modern interpretation of Buddhist art resonates well with a contemporary urban styles and this artistic expression often marries together Eastern and Western philosophy - the Ying and the Yang.

Buddhist Art for Modern Homes

Often painted in delicate earth tones the main concept of contemporary Buddhist-design led homes is modern and minimalist. And it is not uncommon to find Buddhist art works in every corner of the house - hanging on the wall, adorning the garden and decorating tables.

The allure of Buddhist art lies in its timelessness and rawness. Buddhist artworks can be found in great numbers in Thailand and Bali and throughout SE Asia. Simple lines of gold,wood,gilt and earth colours in many art works which are timeless and can work in both a modern house or a temple. Contemporary Buddhist are today advocates subtleness, with simple lines. Think basically Zen !There is also something uniquely therapeutic about Buddhist art - the simple and serene features of the Buddha exhibit compassion and wisdom and act as a symbol to us all and a simple message communicates down to us from the annals of ancient history.

Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind. Buddha

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