Saturday, 15 January 2011

Snow and Ice Buddha Statues and Snowmen

Snow and Ice is not something we normally associate with Buddha images,which is why I find the following collection of images so interesting. Our You Tube Buddhas' Face channel just goes from strength to strength now with well over 40,000 hits so to celebrate this auspicious occasion I have collected some fine and interesting images of Buddha statues and sculptures where the Buddha is made out of frozen water be it snow or ice from around the world.

They seem to particularly well represent the Buddha saying 'Nothing is permanent' for as soon as the temperature rises on the ice or snow sculpture then they will disappear into water - similar to the transient nature of the Tibetan sand mandalas of which we have blogged before.

Hope you enjoy the sideshow - the music is by Lisa Gerrard - which we have used before on the Buddha's Face - play in HD for the bests sound and images.

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