Friday, 14 January 2011

Amazing Buddha Shaped Pears - Holy Fruit from China

This is the sort of story the Buddha's Face really loves and builds on from our recent blog concerning the citrus fruit known as The Buddha's Hands. Gao Xianzhang a farmer from northern China spent six years perfecting his technique and has produced nearly 10,000 Buddha shaped fruit since he began. The baby fruit are enclosed inside his aerated plastic Buddha moulds which as they grow and push against the plastic barrier take on the shape of the mould.

People believe they bring good luck and fortune and will pay up to $7 a piece for each pear. They have certainly brought good fortune to this innovative Chinese farmer.

“Thirst for existence, O monks, has a specific condition, it is nourished by something, it also does not go without support. And what is that nourishment? It is ignorance.” Buddha

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