Friday, 14 January 2011

Ancient Buddha Statues unearthed in Afghanistan

Afghani worker carries away excavated dirt for the Buddhist temple site

A small ancient Buddha statue is found

Remarkably preserved Afghanistan Buddha statues in the Greek style

At a Chinese copper mine in Afghanistan some remarkable Buddha images and statues are being recovered from the dirt. The monastery is thought to be well over 2000 years old and some of the artifacts as can be seen from the pictures are in remarkable condition. The Kabul government are allowing 3 years for the full extent of the site to be adequately excavated and preserved so as to preserve what little this troubled country has from its Buddhist past. One of the Buddha statues is over 10 feet tall and the site is so extensive that some excavators fear it would take a decade or more to fully reveal and preserved for posterity the entirety of the site which is at Mes Aynak which lies 20 miles south of Afghanistan's capital city Kabul. You can see more on the video on You Tube from Reuters.

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