Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Largest Buddhist Temple in the World - Dhammakaya

What happens when traditional 2500 years old Buddhism that eschews wealth and possessions (the Buddha was a Prince that left his worldly goods behind) meets 21st century marketing and a belief that the better you can be with a mastering of your mind can lead to your own greater wealth and happiness.

Meet the Dhammakaya Foundation - Thailand's most controversial Buddhist sect that believes in bigger and better. And by big I mean big - they are planing a temple hall 3.2km long and have the largest Buddhist gatherings ever seen. In this video they use CGI modelling to show their plans underway for the biggest Buddhist complex ever built - in their words a wonder of the world. They also have a 24 hour TV station and are expanding rapidly across the world.

"One who has more, has less. One who has less, has more."
A question to ponder: Who is the richer, one who has more and wants more, or someone who has less but whose wants are lesser?

The Buddha's Face

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