Sunday, 7 November 2010

Painting the Buddha - Indian Artist Devyani Parekh

This gifted Indian artist was born in Mumbai India and studied medicine in college where, in her spare time, she devoted herself to her nascent talent for painting - particularly at the weekends. After graduation she practised as a doctor for over 30 years before retiring and finally had the time to fully engage with improving her art. In 2001 she had her first solo show.

She had begun painting with flowers and abstract forms but soon started to want to paint the Buddha even though she found the subject difficult and somewhat limiting as you must be reverent in how you use the Buddha image. Like us over at the Buddha's Face where our chief carver says "Buddha images should show wisdom and compassion" , Devyani echoes this sentiment and states that a good painting of the Buddha should be capable of showing the Buddha's tranquility,serene state and peace of mind on his facial expressions. We think she does this beautifully.

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