Saturday, 11 June 2011

Buddhism and cats - Cute Kitten and its mother in Thai Buddhist temple

The kitten in the Thai Buddhist temple has proved very popular so in this post I’ll try to explain a bit more about Buddhism and cats.

In some Buddhist cultures cats can be regarded as holy creatures particularly so as they are perceived to be one of the more ‘mindful’ animals and have traditionally been useful in keeping down pests such as mice and rats that feed on food stores. The Birman cat - also known as the sacred cat of Burma descends from cats that were raised in Buddhist temples in Burma and the monks regarded that the souls of the departed returned to earth as a cat. Traditional folklore posited that on the death of a person if he had reached the highest level of enlightenment then their soul would return to earth for one last time as a cat and when it dies would be freed to reach nirvana. Furthermore the cat is believed to speak with Buddha in favour of its owner that is still alive. Thailand has similar beliefs and so the cat is respected highly amongst Buddhist monks and many temples will have cats that live amongst the monks and Buddha statues and images.

In this temple just outside Hat Yai the mother cat seems to be particularly friendly with one particular monk who stroked and feeds it and is allowed to eat the alms food that has been prepared by the laity for the monk. Strict Buddhism practice teaches non-attachment and the keeping of pets would be discouraged but in many temples in eastern cultures the dominance of Buddhism leads to many variances and it should also be noted that many monks may just be ordinary citizens that are serving their time as a monk so as bring merit to their families. These periods can be short as a month and so they often bring outside habits and practices into the temple.

To view all the eleven videos of the cat and her kitten in the Thai Buddhist Temple visit the playlist on our You Tube channel beautifulthailand99.

“Because he has pity on every living creature, therefore is a man called ‘holy’” Buddhism Dhammapada

The Buddha's Face


  1. 15) The Fifteenth Minor Precept: The Precept against
    Keeping Cats andOther Predatory Animals
    If anUpasaka/Upasika who hasreceived and should be upholding this Precept keeps
    cats or other predatory animals, he/she thereby commits an offense through
    negligence. Failure to repent and reformwill lead to a fall, caused by such impure

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    有关马來西亜,吉隆坡,甲洞帝沙再也 (暹寺) 三宝寺 Samnak Sambodhi Buddhist Association (Buddhist Temple) No.19-21 Jalan 38 Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 所发生的纠纷, 经过阅读了,Venerable Phra Piya Thammo 和尚及叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK) 的双方书信之后, 再经实地旁听了觧,做为中间人,我要客观实事的说:

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    2.他身为马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK),却反其道而行, 在佛寺不依佛法而軽视佛教的精神, 以傲慢的手段,帶领一般黑社会的人耒挑衅和尚打架, 这也是不该有、更不是佛教修行者的行为.

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    至今, 他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK),不当不歉愧,还要狡辩, 这又证明了他说一套, 做的又是另一套, 囗是心非, 所谓的两舌, 相当阴险. 身为律师, 受高深教育, 却应用如此悪毒, 横蛮无礼的作风污辱和尚, 相等于是耻辱佛教伩仰者。他叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK)不向主持和尚投诉, 却自承英雄,电招外耒者.请问,身为將近20年的三宝寺主持和尚兼顾问,也是第一位 自筹建寺的大功臣,在大马南傳泒中,是闻名遐邇的高僧.其脸要放在那裡?同样的,要是台湾星雲大师的佛寺沙彌犯錯, 理事会没有礼貌自作主张,电招警方要扣畄其沙彌.我敢请问!星雲大师的自尊是怎样的感受?他叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK)是后耒者,担任理会主席也不久, 竟敢应用如此,目无尊長的方式对待住持,间接的就是告大家,强迫住持和尚必远離,雀巢鸠要佔。这种用心不良, 有老千之谋, 的确令人不敢恭维。

    縱观以上几项重点,我不是盲目的護持三宝, 而是要坦白的说;他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK) 身受高深教育, 为律师者,本应通情达理才是,但遗憾的是, 却令人惊觉, 他厡耒就是彿书裡所讲的狡猾且残忍的此颣人。他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK),利用他的专业知識, 懂得包裝自己的道德守則,以宗教为幌子手,到处募款,商业经营, 政治活动为重, 并没依循佛教宗教守则行事, 也没对人道作出任何貢献, 只不过借宗教之名捞取权和私利而己。