Thursday, 30 June 2011

In my ends are my beginnings - I Shall Be Released

Today is the day that I finish full time work for the government. For 26 years I have worked in various guises for different branches of the UK central government. Indeed it was a posting in the Embassy in Thailand in 2003 where I met my wife and was exposed to a Buddhist society for the first time and where I met my friend and business partner who founded the Buddha’s Face. I will be sad to leave the warm companionship of work with shared objectives and goals and a sense of purpose. But I won’t be sorry to leave the increasing pressure, impossible deadlines and unfeasible policy decisions that require hapless strung out civil servant to try and execute the impossible by yesterday.

With the time I have available I will be working more on the Buddha’s Face website and blog and hopefully be more engaged with the spiritual having time to reflect and engage with the world in which I live.

Time is short and our life on this world passes quickly – one day we’re at school wishing our days away to the holidays and the next I’m at the cusp of a new life away from the large unfeeling bureaucracy with its guaranteed monthly pay check.

Buddhism has taught me that;

  • I am responsible for my own future
  • I have choices
  • The best things in life are not things
  • It’s easier to follow the pack – and we shouldn’t be frightened at having the courage to fail
And finally I find it comforting to remember the Buddha’s last words when embarking on a new direction in my life…

"Nothing is permanent – strive on with diligence"

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