Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Female Buddha - Women in Buddhism

And the first thought is why not why is the Buddha (enlightened one) along with so many other religious leaders implicitly male. Who asks about the Buddha's motivation when he left his wife and children to find enlightenment. What was she thinking ? The Buddha taught the message of peace and compassion but it is usually men who prosecute war. The Dalai Lama has spoken on the role of women in Buddhism and from a personal perspective the Buddhist nuns I have encountered in Thailand have been some of the most positive and inspirational messengers of the word.

"Although men and women have the same potentials for aggression and warm-heartedness, they differ in which of the two more easily manifests. Thus, if the majority of world leaders were women, perhaps there would be less danger of war and more cooperation on the basis of global concern – although, of course, some women can be difficult! " Dalai Lama

The Buddha's Face

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