Monday, 11 July 2011

Abraxas - Japanese Film - Buddhist monk channels his energy through Leonard Cohen

Abraxsas Festival is a new film that gets into the heart of Japan's Buddhist revival

Until recently, Japanese Zen has remained pretty obscure to the average person in Japan. But when the economy turned sour and with corrupt political elite, many Japanese particularly younger ones have been rediscovering their parent’s religion.

Suneo Hair plays Jonen, who is a reluctant Zen monk who on his father’s orders has to wear black and white monk’s robes. As the temple business is a family business.

The position of the head monk goes from father to son, and it's a usually an advantageous situation, with major tax breaks and temple land ownership. But Jonen is a drug-taking depressive who wants to be the Japanese Leonard Cohen.

"Hallelujah" is his bag, not Zen.

Only version of this I could find was in Japanese but looks like a goodie – I will try and seek it out.

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