Thursday, 7 July 2011

Discovering Buddhist Nirvana in the online game Second Life

Yes really - we have mentioned Buddhism in Second Life before and in this video the Skeptical Buddhist explores what is meant by the Buddhist concept of Nirvana. Is it heaven , what happens to us when we die ?

This intelligent lecture illustrated by a journey through Second Life examines what is meant by reality and our perception of it. By living in the moment and taking each and every moment and observing them as unique we reach a perfection and an understanding on the world - just the way it is - not coloured by our own egos and perception.

Nirvana literally means extinguishing the flame - the flame being our ego - and when we learn to overcome that we really start to live and experience the world in which we live. Hopefully we also learn to conquer our fear and begin to truly live and when we truly live we are not afraid to die.

n. In the Buddhist religion, a state of pleasurable annihilation awarded to the wise, particularly to those wise enough to understand it. Ambrose Bierce

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