Friday, 29 July 2011

Cannabis / Marijuana and the Buddha - Buddhism

Whilst one the subject of intoxicants as we have just covered Lucky Buddha beer in the previous blog entry it would be timely to mention Buddha cannabis. The Dutch have been responsible for crossing numerous strains of cannabis over the last 30 years

Apparently it was developed by breeders in 1996 and is a female Oasis/Shiva/Haze crossed with a male Oasis/Shiva/Skunk. They say this was the talk of the town in Amsterdam in 1996. Of course it should be noted that Buddhists eschew intoxicants and seek enlightenment through discipline and mediation rather than a phat one!

Basho the Haiku Master writes:

The cannabis - How wonderful it is!

The summer drawing room.

Trees and stones, just as they are.

Ah, how glorious!

The young leaves, the green leaves,

Glittering in the sunshine!

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