Monday, 11 July 2011

Huge Buddhist Palace at Linshan , China

In the previous post we mentioned the largest Buddhist statue in the world at Linshan ,Wuxi ,China. Well the Chinese are no slouches when it comes to creating huge monoliths to their endeavours and wealth. Nearby on the mountain they have built a Buddhist palace of huge dimensions as this CGI tour through it shows. Dhmmakaya will have to watch out as the Chinese have a building instinct as every big as great as theirs. What the ex prince Buddha would make of it all is of course another matter !

The dome ceiling is in fact an Imax screen which has tiny lotus leaves that change colour every minute - simply gob smackingly ridiculously awesome in a disturbing sort of way. This Buddhist resort cost billions of dollars to build and the main hall can accommodate up to 2000 people at any one time for conferences and the like.

“There is Buddha for those who don't know what he is, really. There is no Buddha for those who know what he is, really” Zen quote

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