Friday, 8 July 2011

Christian anti Buddhist song Oh Buddha - Russ Taff

Russ Taff is an American gospel singer born in 1953. In his song Oh Buddha he takes aim at all non Christian religions including Buddhism and other Christian denominations and suggest that come our deaths we will find the road we have taken wanting and we shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. Well Russ may you live long and prosper and let's have a chat about this once we both reach the other side. Loving the retro mullet (70s hair style) by the way - should be listed for preservation.

Hare Krishna - Go in Peace

Well, Old Buddha was a man and I'm sure that he meant well

But I pray for his disciples lest they wind up in hell

And I'm sure that old Mohammed thought he knew the way

But it won't be Hare Krishna we stand before on The Judgment Day.


  1. Hello, my name is Tori Taff and I'm married to Russ Taff. And you know what? You are absolutely right about the mean-spirited tone of the song 'Oh Buddha'-- which is why Russ quit performing it over 25 years ago! It kind of went the way of his mullet.

    Russ didn't write the song, but he recorded it with the Imperials in 1979. It was a different time... but he became increasingly uncomfortable with the attitude and approach of the lyrics, and he stopped singing it. Life has a way of teaching us that we need to show others the kindness, tolerance and compassion we would like to have shown to us-- and over the years, Russ and I have learned that lesson very well.



  2. Thanks Tori for the comment and insight - good to see us all growing in knowledge as we get older. Give my regards to Russ - he's a great singer BTW.

    Kindest regards


  3. I do think the lyric "Old" should be dropped regarding Buddha and Muhammed lines. But love must prevail and the truth must be told. Dear ones, Buddha never was in position to be the redeemer of this fallen, world which is so full of sadness. It requires a redeemer. We must have a Savior, one to save us from the horrors of this world as well as final judgement. We will stand before our Creator and give an account of our lives. We truly will not stand before Buddha, or Muhammed, or the gurus or avatars or prophets or religious leaders, nor any fallen human being, so giving our lives to Buddha and his ways, or anyone other than Jesus the Christ, will not save anyone from judgement. Jesus said of Himself, "I am the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father but through Me." He was not being mean spirited, He was trying to warn all people and pleaded with them to receive God's mercy, and that to meet God after this life, with our sin all over us, would mean sure judgement. Jesus died a terrible death. It was His reason for coming, to die in our place, to become our sin on that painful cross. God placed all mankind's sin on Jesus, so when He died, He took our punishment. Buddha could not have done so, because he was just a man, a man who tried to make a positive difference, but could not possibly remove one sin from himself, let alone one other human being, let alone all of mankind. Jesus did. It was a supernatural act of God. Now, when we accept that Jesus did this for us, we ask Him into our heart to live in us, forgive our sins - past, present and future - and He will, and fill us with His love. What a gift. Please do this. Know Him and His presence and His love and His forgiveness. I write this in deep love for you. Karen Setters

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