Sunday, 10 July 2011

Charming Thai Student Documentary about Buddhamonthon Park , Thailand

Quite a find here - two Thai college girls have produced an informative and interesting HD documentary about Buddhamonthon Park , Thailand.

In 1956, an important religious park called Buddhamonthon or Phutthamonthon Park was built in Nakhon Pathom Province by the Thai government to celebrate the 2500th year since the Buddha’s death. The park is the largest sacred area in Thailand, with over a thousand acres of beautiful landscaped parkland and gardens.

In the centre of the park there stands a magnificent 16 metre tall statue of the Buddha which is surrounded by four commemorative sites depicting various times of the Buddha’s life, from the cycle of His Birth through to Enlightenment and the Buddha’s first sermon in the deer park until his eventual entry to Nirvana.

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