Sunday, 31 July 2011

Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion - on Buddhism

Richard Dawkins's controversial book The God Delusion takes an intellectual broadside at the major Abrahamic religions of Judaism,Islam and Christianity. But what does he have to say about one of the world's greatest other religion Buddhism ? I thought I would trawl through the book to find out what.In the comprehensive index there are only 3 references pages 59,232 and 443.

Page 59 ...".shall not be concerned at all with other religions such as Buddhism or Confucianism.Indeed there is something to be said for treating these not as religions at all but as ethical systems or philosophies of life."

Page 232 ...."Perhaps Islam is analogous to a carnivorous gene complex, Buddhism to a herbivorous one."

Page 443...."Julia Sweeney is also right on target when she briefly mentions Buddhism. Just as Christianity is sometimes thought to be a nicer , gentler religion than Islam, Buddhism is often cracked up to be the nicest of all.But the doctrine of demotion on the reincarnation ladder because of sins in a past life is pretty unpleasant."

And that's the sum total of references - Buddhism isn't a religion that means you have to swallow a supernatural belief system and an omnipresent God. You yourself are responsible for your life, your choices and your happiness -end of. And by practising compassion and loving kindness we find the world a whole lot of a better place than if we do the converse.

Maybe Richard Dawkins should cut back on the throttle a little and respect the deeply held beliefs of some he would regard as God deluded. A little kindness rather than arrogant superiority never goes amiss !

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Dalai Lama


  1. I am a Buddhist but I like the questioning of Richard Dawkins. He is truely against the superstious as was Buddha. I think Richard must study about Buddhism..Hats off to richard dawkins

  2. According to Buddha, there is no reincarnation.