Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Largest Solid Gold Buddha Statue in the World - 5 Tons $300 million

The largest solid gold Buddha statue in the world is housed in Wat Traimit in Bangkok Thailand .It weighs a staggering 5.5 metric tones and stands an impressive 3 metres tall. At current gold prices of $1500 an oz it weighs around 200,000 oz of gold and would cost in precious metal alone at least $300 million !

Remarkably this was lost to the world for many years as it had been covered in plaster stucco some time in the past to hide its real value and over the years had become forgotten in an abandoned temple. When the statue was moved in the 1930s some of the plaster fell off revealing the true nature of the statue underneath.

Read also about the largest solid gold statue of a Buddhist monk being cast in Wat Dhammakaya also in Thailand.

Pay no attention to what the critics say;

no statue has ever been put up to a critic.

Jean Sibelius

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  1. 5.5 metric tons and 300 million $. OMG.
    That's quite amazing buddha statues.

  2. Oh what a peaceful religion. Ask the Rohingya people of Myanmar how they are persecuted by these Buddhist Monks. Whole villages of the Rohingya have been set ablaze. United Nations states Rohingyas are the most persecuted people in the world. That is the name these Buddhist citizens have earned by their persecutions of innocent human beings in this 21st century. Talk about IS and Holocaust but nothing about Rohingyas .
    How do we justify our silence to such massacres and persecutions.?

    1. Oh right so Thailand should bring in Muslim hoards like the EU so they there countire will be subsequently destroyed like Swedens(now rape capital of the world and soon to become a failed state supporting the none workers/contributors, pay your Jizya.

  3. not only the rohingya in burma, but the civil war in sri lanka was a religious conflict. the tamils in the north are hindu and the majority buddhists treated them like animals.

    and as for 'muslim hoards' dont forget the xtians. you remember those two devout xtians g w bush and tonly bliar. yes, they started a war based upon a pack of lies that were so transparent that it was embarrassing. gulf war two killed thousands of iraqis and maimed and mutilated thousands more, and yet we make a big deal about 40 or so people killed in brussells. we need to examine the actions of the devout xtians in the west before we criticise religious lunatics from the m.east. we have our own religious nuts to worry about.

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  5. $300 million OMG, its a really valuable Buddha Statue. i wonder how it has been preserved till now.

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