Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Answer Me Buddha Electronic Battery Operated Guru

Sadly this Buddha based electronic toy appears to no longer be available and as it spoke in English rather than Chinese for a previous Laughing Buddha talking statue we would have had more chance of understanding what he said.

What Would Buddha Do? The Let Answer Me Buddha will enlighten you with an authentic 1970's electronic toy voice! This white plastic friend is only 6.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide but can help you on the road to enlightenment. If you are losing your Zen coolness and feel you need some instant inspiration then he can give one of 20 responses – these include. “Bend with the wind”, “Seek the truth”, or “Meditate on it” and as they say much much more.

However be warned ULTIMATE NIRVANA MAY NOT BE GUARANTEED and this carefully produced piece of Buddha art is certainly not intended to be used by the narrow minded.

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